About SDML

System Design and Management Laboratory: SDML is an independent think tank and advisory firm, a kind of "boutique think tank", specializing in Digital, IT, Engineering, broad area of Hi-Tech business management, and other interdisciplinary engineering domains. We are doing consultation, research, design, development and management services.

We will cover following area of topics:

    Businesses and Managements Area
  • Business Development, Strategy, Marketing and Sales
  • Program/Project Management, Process and Risk Management
  • Digital, Internet, Media and Hi-Tech Business Management, Strategy and Marketing
  • Human Resources and Organization
  • Education
  • Partner Development and M&A advisory
  • General Corporate Management
  • Technical Management
    Technologies and Systems Area
  • Informatics, IT and Software Engineering
  • Internet, Web and Cloud Systems
  • Social Systems and Media Systems 
  • Computer Architecture and IT Architecture
  • Computer Added Software/Mechanical Engineering
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Smart/Clean Energy Systems and Transportation/Traffic Systems
  • Environmental Engineering, Safety Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

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    Our Services

    I. Business Consulting

    II. V-CTO, V-CDO and V-CIO service

    III. ER for Digital / IT service

    IV. PMO Consulting

    V. IT, other Technologies and Systems Consulting

    VI. Research, Design, Development and Education

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    Shigenori "Jason" SUZUKI, Ph.D.

    Dr. Suzuki have remarkable, unique, broad and deep experiences and knowledge in Management, IT and Engineering.

    He is a consultant and system designer and researcher.

    He is the complex problems buster in business, IT and engineering.

    He has 30+ years experience of consultation, IT solution, System Integration and it's management. And also he has extraordinarily broad experiences and knowledge for general management, strategy, marketing, business development, pre-sales, sales, consultation, development, delivery, support.
    Moreover he has excellent understanding and knowledge in IT and other engineering fields, include smart/clean energy systems, transportation/traffic systems and environmental engineering, safety engineering. Holds Ph.D. in Engineering.

    He also has academic experiences in colleges and institutes.

    Current Teaching Positions:

    Seminar Lecturer for Internet Business Project, School of Media Science, Tokyo University of Technology (Tokyo, Japan)

    Part-time Lecturer for Study of Informatics Education and General Survey on Current Science and Technology, Kogakuin University (Tokyo, Japan)

    Current Researching Positions:

    Senior Chief Researcher, Research Institute of Info-Communication Medicine (Tokyo, Japan)

    Visiting Researcher, the Institute of Statistical Mathematics (Tokyo, Japan)

    Past Teaching Position:

            Professor for Network Systems
            at IT Solution Department,

    Part-time Lecturer at School of Mechanical Engineering, Shonan Institute of Technology (Kanagawa, Japan)

    Our People

    Princepal, Director, Executive Consultant
    Shigenori Jason SUZUKI, Ph.D.
    博士(工学) 鈴木 重徳

    Director, Executive Consultant
    Miki SHINDO, D.B.A.
    博士(経営管理) 進藤 美希

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