Our People

Principal, Director, Executive Consultant
Shigenori Jason SUZUKI, Ph.D.

博士(工学)  鈴木 重徳

Dr. Shigenori "Jason" SUZUKI founded a independent think tank and advisory firm, System Design and Management Laboratory: SDML in 2011. He has been a freelance consultant since 2010.
He has over 30 years experiences in Hi-tech Business Consultation, IT Consultation, IT Solution, System Integration and Software Development.
Prior to founding SDML and being a freelance consultant, he was a Board Director, Vice President, CTO/CIO/PMO and start-up member at Open Technologies Corporation (Tokyo, Japan) which is a leading edge boutique IT consulting firm. He served as senior project manager, consultant, system engineer and start-up member at MIPS Computer Systems (Japan) and AT&T Software (Japan) which were subsidiary of US Computer and Network companies.
And also he had experiences in engineering and technical software development and consultation at Information Mathematical Science Laboratory (Tokyo, Japan).

He is a Seminar Lecturer for Internet Business Project, School of Media Science at Tokyo University of Technology (Tokyo, Japan), a Part-time Lecturer for Study of Informatics Education and General Survey on Current Science and Technology at Kogakuin University (Tokyo, Japan), a Senior Chief Researcher, Research Institute of Info-Communication Medicine (Tokyo, Japan) and a Visiting Researcher, the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, (Tokyo, Japan), a Senior Technical Advisor at SOTA Systems Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan), and a Senior Patner at Omega Partners Inc. (Tokyo, Japan). Also he is a Senior Managing Consltant at FirstQA Systems Inc. (Yokohama, Japan).
In addition he was a former Professor in Network Systems at IT Solution Department atBusiness Breakthrough University (Tokyo, Japan).

He received B.Eng, M.Eng and Ph.D in Engineering from School of Engineering, Kogakuin University (Tokyo, Japan).

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Director, Executive Consultant

博士(経営管理)  進藤 美希

Dr. Miki SHINDO has over 20 years experiences in Internet Business, Marketing, Business Modeling, Business Planning, Business Strategy.
She is a Professor at School of Media Sciences, Tokyo University of Technology (Tokyo, Japan) and a Part-time Lecturer at Aoyama Business School, Aoyama Gakuin University (Tokyo, Japan). Also she is a Director at Free Software Initiative of Japan.
Prior to joining Tokyo University of Technology, she had experienced in broad area at NTT Group.

She received MBA and D.B.A from Graduate School of International Management, Aoyama Gakuin University (Tokyo, Japan), BA from Tokyo Woman's Christian University (Tokyo, Japan).