Our Services

We are providing following services:

I. Business Consulting

 General Management, Strategy, Marketing, Business Development, Partner Development, Japanese Market Penetration, International Coordination, Human Resources Development.

II. V-CTO and V-CIO service

 As virtual, part-time and/or online based consultation and management as a CTO and CIO.

III. ER for IT service
 "ER"(Emergency Room medical-care system) like Emergency Technical Consultation Service for IT systems which is serious illness and needed first aid solutions.

IV. PMO Consulting

 Project Management, QA Management, Process Management.

V. IT, other Technologies and Systems Consulting

 Consulting and Technical Services for IT and other diverse Technologies and/or Systems.

VI. Research, Design, Development and Education

 Consulting and Technical Services for Research, Design, Development in broad range of systems and engineering domains, and It's Educations.